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Loopy Ewes handcrafted knitted blankets

Knitwear from one flock

Grown, spun and artisan made in South West England. Reconnecting fashion to the soil.

"I am a Shepherd and Maker, custodian of the land, advocate for my flock of sheep; working to connect people with the reality that our clothes come from farming, just like our food. My hand-crafted, 100% traceable knitwear demonstrates how British wool can be grown regeneratively, simply and locally processed, resulting in clothing that is beautiful, honest and good for the earth. Every piece is distinctive in design offering bold patterns and eye-catching colour. Authentic in origin, they are bound to the journey of my shepherding life; from delivering lambs and watching their fleeces grow throughout the season, to shearing time and running the threads of finished yarns through my hands on the knitting machine."

London Fashion Week 23

My Rafter Jumper took a stroll down the catwalk at London Fashion Week 23 at the Fashion Declares Regeneration Conference. Safia Minney and House of Tammam curated a show with a difference - clothing that was chosen not just for its design and craftsmanship, but it’s sustainability credentials too. My Rafter Jumper, which includes a beautiful yellow yarn plant dyed with Weld by Sophie Holt of Pigment Plant Dyes, was included in the line up alongside designers such as Zandra Rhodes and Bora Aksu.

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