about my flock


In Britain we enjoy a rich agricultural heritage and our rare, native breeds can play an important role in our farming future. They manage our natural pastures extremely well, providing grazing that is both productive yet in balance with the environment. Not only do they graze on the right sort of plants, but often they are lighter than mainstream breeds and do less damage to the ground in poor weather.


Rare breeds tend to offer a smaller, less commercial confirmation, but they make up for it in flavour, succulence and eating quality. Each different breed of sheep has its own intrinsic wool characteristics. Some grow negligible wool, while others have very long fleeces. Some fine wools can be worn comfortably by babies, whilst strong wools can last for centuries. Both my breeds of sheep offer very different characteristics for wool production and are ideally suited to products such as cushions, sheepskin rugs & my other homewares products. 

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