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Cowl Scarf in Hedgerow

Cowl Scarf in Hedgerow


My cowl scarfs are really easy to wear - no faffing about with twists or long scarf lengths. Just pull it over your head and style it tall for really cold weather and harsh winds, or scrunch it down to keep your neck toasty.


A beautiful combination of my organically dyed moss and raspberry, with the natural Ecru, spun from the fleeces of my Portland sheep. The colours were inspired by the small delicate pink seen in purple crownvetch growing along hedgerows in summer.


One Size, Adult or Teen

30cm wide by 28cm high


All of my knitted products are designed, handmade and finished in my Cotswolds studio by my own hands. I use a hand powered knitting machine - no electricity or machine power is involved. The wooden tags sewn onto each piece to mark the unique Loopy Ewes provenance, are made for me in Devon on FSC certified wood. No solvents are used in their printing and I hand sew them onto each product using organic cotton thread. This is slow fashion at its best.

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