Lavender Bag Gift Set

Lavender Bag Gift Set


Three of my knitted lavender bags wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a gift box. There are two colour options; 'Flower Meadow', which contains bags knitted in my heather, moss and raspberry yarns and 'The Cotswold', which contains ecru, lemon and granite.


Each bag of lavender is handmade in my Cotswold studio using the wool from my flock of rare breed British sheep. Small but mighty, each knitted bag is filled with fragrant lavender grown at the Cotwolds Lavender Farm only 20 miles from where my flock graze. 


You can use lavender bags in drawers to keep clothes smelling lovely, place in a pillowcase for a relaxing sleep or use as a natural alternative to mothballs. As the scent begins to fade give the bag a gentle squeeze to release more lovely aroma. You can also easily open these drawstring bags to refresh the lavender if needed.


Size per knitted bag; 11cm x 7cm