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From flock to shop ...

Nothing keeps you warmer and shuts out the cold like wool. In Britain we have an incredible variety of wool types offering endless potential for this wonder fibre. My flock is made up of two very special rare breeds; Portland sheep and Castlemilk Moorit sheep. My Portlands produce a beautiful, soft, cloudy white fleece which I have dyed organically to create my vibrant colour palette. The fleece from my Castlemilk Moorit sheep is naturally a dappled mocha brown - the tips bleach in the sun, so when it’s spun it creates a very unique, multi-tonal yarn. It is more hard-wearing than my Portland fleece so perfect products that need to perform time and again.


Jumpers and hoodies to keep the cold at bay.


My Fibreshed collection - beautiful undyed knits


Opportunity to buy one of my products at a discount


Accessories to wrap you

up in style.


100% traceable knitting yarns from my flock

LoopyEwes_012171221 (1).jpg

Large plump cushions and cosy enveloping blankets.


Lovely gift ideas to spoil someone special.

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