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Rafter Blanket, Mocha

Rafter Blanket, Mocha


Designed to keep you seriously warm on an outdoor adventure when you need to wrap yourself in an extra layer - sat around the campfire, coming off the beach or watching the sunset. It's equally beneficial at home when the heating just isn't doing the job.


The lovely mocha comes naturally from my Castlemilk Moorit sheep and the ecru is produced from my Portlands. My undyed textiles embody the most natural features of my flock. Not only does it beautifully showcase the contrasting colours their wonderful fleeces produce, but it allows for minimal processing, ensuring the least harm to the environment.


All of my knitted products are designed, handmade and finished in my Cotswolds studio by my own hands. I use a hand powered knitting machine - no electricity or machine power is involved. The wooden tags sewn onto each piece to mark the unique Loopy Ewes provenance, are made for me in Devon on FSC certified wood. No solvents are used in their printing and I hand sew them onto each product using organic cotton thread. 



M 150cm x 85cm 

L 178cm x 92cm

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